Adams Mandolin - Craftsman
Adams Mandolin - Craftsman

Hand Crafted Mandolins
By Johnny Adams
I started building mandolins in 1994.  I wanted a louder instrument to be heard in a jam.  I was playing a 1959 Martin A-Model F hole, which I still have.  Shopping around revealed the better instruments were very expensive.  In mid 1994 I was introduced to Roger Siminoff's book on constructing a bluegrass mandolin.  My first mandolin was louder than the Martin and each one seems to get better.  I now have the sound and volume that I was looking for that I can deliver at a reasonable price.  It takes about 180-200 hours to complete one because everything is done by hand.  There are no kits involved.  Mixing this work with bluegrass festival trips I can build 3 per year.  I can deliver one in 90 days if all goes well.  I can't make any money at it but it is fun to do.  Many of the mandolins I make can be seen on youtube - search for "Ocoee Jam".

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